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My car or truck is new, does it really have to be detailed?

Many people who purchase new cars believe that it is unnecessary to detail them because they are in fact, brand new. It seems logical to think that since the paint on the car isn’t old and hasn’t been exposed to driving outdoors, that it is perfectly smooth, clean paint. However, the truth is that from the moment your car or truck rolls off the assembly line the paint is getting dirty and being assaulted by the sun and atmosphere. For example, it is very probable that the “new” car you’ve purchased has sat in parking lots for weeks if not months, first at the factory, then perhaps at the train or port loading facilities and finally at the dealership. Even if you purchased a car that was displayed on the showroom floor, most likely this vehicle was sitting outside for some period of time. And even if you have purchased a showroom car, it was transported by train, truck, and if it’s an import, ocean liner to the dealership that you purchased it from. This is not to say that the paint on a new vehicle isn’t good looking, it just means that it is not absolutely perfect. In short, contrary to popular belief, it is very important to detail your new vehicle.

Any sort of exposure while being transported, sitting in an open parking lot or even being driven on a short drive can contaminate the paint. If you run your fingers over almost any vehicle’s paint, even if it’s brand new, you’ll feel small embedded contaminants on the surface. Being exposed to the elements a new car can accumulate brake dust, pollution fallout, train rail dust, tree sap, and other particles that embed in its paint. The sad part is, no amount of washing or polishing will remove them. Those particles love to bury themselves in the surface of automotive paint. They are not removable by simply washing and drying your car.

The truth is that if you want your paint to be as clean and contaminant-free as possible, you need to use the Quick Paint Cleaning System on it. As silly as it may seem, the best thing you can do for your brand new car is to do a three step detailing process on it. By using Liquid Glow’s Quick Paint Cleaning System followed by our Glazing Polish and Sealant Wax, you have created a solid foundation for your new car. By detailing your car at the beginning of its life, you will make a much easier job of cleaning it down the road. The fact is, from the factory your car or truck arrived with bare, unprotected paint. They don’t polish and wax vehicles at the end of the assembly line.

Step one of course is cleaning the paint of all the environmental fallout. The only way to cleanse the paint of tree sap, brake and rail dust, embedded dirt and road grime is to use the Quick Paint Cleaning System. Our product will almost instantly and effortlessly clean your new car, building a solid detailing foundation for the future. The quick paint cleaning bar is similar to a clay bar in function, but very different in form. Unlike a clay bar, our Quick Paint Cleaning bar is a firm foam bar with a synthetic cleaning surface on one side. The foam spreads your hand pressure evenly over a wide surface and is easy to hold, allowing you to cover a large area quickly, easily and comfortably. There is no worry about hurting your hands or having to fold over parts of a hard clay bar to continue cleaning. And if you drop the foam bar, simply rinse it in water to cleanse of loose dirt, and continue cleaning. The Quick Paint Cleaning Bar works by hydroplaning over your paint on a level of lubrication provided by our Quick Detailer & Spray Wax, which comes included in the system. Any contaminants stick up through the lubrication layer and as the quick paint cleaning bar glides over them the bar pulls the contaminants from the paint. Don’t forget that the Quick Paint Cleaning System works great on glass and chrome too. Once you’ve wiped and dried the car, you should then move onto step two of the three step process.

Glazing Polish is the next step in ensuring the smoothest paint possible for your new car. Our Glazing Polish combines two functions into one step. The polish in our product works by evening and smoothing your paint at a microscopic level. Glaze is primarily a shine-enhancing product that fills in any remaining imperfections that polishing may have missed. This component may not be as important as the polishing aspect, because your new car has little or no scratches on it. But it can never hurt to give your car a little extra TLC with Liquid Glow product. Both our Sealant Wax and Glazing Polish can be applied by hand or random orbital buffer. Especially if you have a large vehicle, we recommend using a buffer. You can buy inexpensive random orbital buffers at any large hardware store.

Liquid Glow Sealant Wax is both a synthetic sealant and natural carnauba wax blended together. We use the highest quality ingredients in our product to produce the highest quality shine.  Emulsified together, our Sealant Wax provides the deep, wet, liquid glow of Carnauba wax while also providing the dazzling shine and long lasting durability of synthetic polymer sealant. Given that your paint will be very shiny to begin with, you will be amazed at how much smoother and deeper the paint feels and looks after using these products. We truly believe that when you run your fingers over the paint before and after detailing a new car, the difference will be startling. After you’ve completed the detail, your car will be easier to wash and keep clean, because the dirt and contaminants inherent in its environment won’t be able to cling to your paint nearly as easily. Water will bead off your paint, and the Sealant Wax will serve as protection from UV damage. Not to mention that your paint will be so smooth you won’t be able to resist constantly running your hands over it, you have to feel it to believe it.

A little time invested into detailing your new car or truck will pay big dividends in beauty and protection.