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Finally, winter is over and spring is here, time to clean up and get ready for sunshine and warm weather driving. Car shows, races, the beach or river, all of the fun of summer is just around the corner.

Spring cleaning is all about removing the residue of winter and preparing for sunshine and warm temperatures. Think of your vehicle spring cleaning as two goals to accomplish: Clean your vehicle inside and out, and protect your vehicle inside and out.


Now that the weather is warming up, you’ll probably be washing your vehicle more often. Never use dish soap to wash your car, they are highly alkaline and harsh—they will damage your paint over time. Our Car Wash with Carnauba Wax is pH balanced; it’s as neutral as water itself. It’s tough on dirt but gentle on your paint. And our special water emulsified Brazilian Carnauba wax creates a beautiful shine as you wash.

Over the winter all kinds of contaminates assault our vehicles, road salt, pollution laden rain and snow (so called “acid” rain and snow), mud, and other grime and dirt. You need to deep clean your paint, just washing it won’t get all of the contamination out of it. This is where our Quick Paint Cleaning System comes in, nothing cleans your paint of contaminates and oxidized paint as well as our system does. It’s much faster, easier and more economical than clay bars. Get your paint truly clean, Quick Paint Clean it!

Your wheels lived down low and dirty all winter long. Make them look their best again with our Wheel Cleaner. Our Wheel Cleaner has a non-acid formula that is tough on dirt, but gentle on your wheels. Liquid Glow Wheel Cleaner busts through brake dust and rinses away cleanly, leaving your wheels sparkling. Safe for all wheel types including painted, clear coated, powder coated, steel, modular or chrome when used as directed.


After washing and deep cleaning your paint, you need to protect your paint. To really restore the luster and depth of your pre-winter paint, use our two-step Glazing Polish and Sealant Wax. Our Glazing Polish removes swirl marks while polishing to a brilliant shine. And our Sealant Wax, which contains natural #1 grade Brazilian Carnauba wax and synthetic sealant, produces the deep, wet, liquid glow of Carnauba wax with the durability of synthetic sealant.

Once your paint is all ready for the season, you can refresh the wax every time you wash in just minutes with our Quick Detailer & Spray Wax. It’s perfect for quickly cleaning day-to-day finger prints, smudges and grime and it also contains genuine Carnauba wax. It’s great for maintaining your wax coat as well as quick touchups as needed.

Lastly, don’t forget your interior. We’re very proud of our Interior Cleaner & Protectant. It cleans and protects ALL interior surfaces, plastic, rubber, vinyl AND leather! It restores natural color and luster, leaves behind a dry, premium satin finish and protects against UV rays while repelling dust and dirt.

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