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Quick Paint Cleaning System

(7 customer reviews)


  • 3x FASTER than clay bars
  • Much EASIER to use
  • Smoother paint, BETTER than clay bars
  • Lasts longer, more ECONOMICAL than clay bars


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Fastest, easiest, most effective way to deep clean your paint

Liquid Glow’s Quick Paint Cleaning System is a unique, easy-to-use system that effortlessly cleans paint, glass and chrome. Easily removes dull oxidized paint, water spots, tree sap, bugs and other contaminants leaving behind perfectly clean, perfectly smooth paint. Better than clay bars.

Ancient History, Clay Bars:
Prior to our Quick Paint Cleaning System, the most common method for cleaning paint was to use a clay bar. Clay bar drawbacks:

  • They’re small and difficult to work with.
  • Require a lot of pressure; cover only a small area at a time.
  • Need to constantly fold the bar in half which is difficult and painful on the fingers.
  • If you drop the bar on the ground, you have to throw it away–it’s now contaminated with dirt that will scratch your paint.
  • They’re expensive, as much as $20 apiece and you can only use them a few times before they’re too contaminated.

Liquid Glow, Modern Technology:

  • Our Quick Paint Cleaning System’s bar, with its large size and firm foam, is easy to hold and allows you to cover a large area at a time.
  • There’s no need to fold it; simply rinse it clean in a bucket of water as you go.
  • If you accidentally drop our bar, no problem! Just rinse it in water and keep going.
  • So fast and easy that you can clean an entire car in as little as 20 minutes. Try THAT with a clay bar!
  • Can clean your car up to 50 times–very economical!

The included Quick Detailer & Spray Wax lubricates the bar and leaves a layer of pure #1 grade Brazilian Carnauba wax behind as you clean.

For the ultimate show winning finish use Liquid Glow products:

Liquid Glow satisfaction guarantee: We guarantee you will be completely satisfied or we will refund 100% of your purchase price. For details, see our FAQ page by clicking here.

Additional information

Weight 20 oz
Dimensions 9.375 × 5.375 × 3.5 in

7 reviews for Quick Paint Cleaning System

  1. pJohanson

    I had water spots on the side of my car that I couldn’t get off. I tried some polish and even a clay bar but still had the water spots. So I bought one of these paint cleaning system from Alex at a car show. Wow, does it work! It took the water spots off the whole side of the car in less than 10 minutes. I ended up doing the whole car with the kit and it was like I had the car repainted. The paint is so smooth you can’t believe it. And it has the shine and sparkle it did when it was new. Highly recommend this system, it works!

  2. Joseph

    I try this and it really does work I have used clay bars in the past but not anymore this really does a great job fast I highly recommend this to anyone I have since ordered other products to try haven’t received just yet but will give my opinion when I do just wish there was a phone number to call and place an order I feel it would be easier then ordering on line all the time great stuff so far

  3. wardlow17

    I’m so glad I bought this kit. Our black 2008 Ford 150 truck just didn’t look like it used to. We wash it regular and wax it when we can, but it just didn’t have the shine it used to. Our local car wash said they could “clay” the truck and detail it, but they wanted almost $200. My husband looked into clay bars and decided it looked too hard to do. We came across this product and tried it. It is really easy to use and the difference in the truck is huge it really shines again. The black paint is very rich looking again and the paint is so smooth! They’re right you have to feel your paint after using this to believe what is does. We’re buying another one because our son walked off with our first one.

  4. jpetrulli947

    This product is excellent. My 2006 Acura looks better now than when I first bought it.

  5. nick661

    This product has changed detailing forever, in my opinion the greatest innovation in detailing since the invention of clay. I used the kit on my Lexus IS and the paint turned into a mirror like finish that rivals the brand new cars at the dealership I work at! It’s amazingly easy to use and shows no noticeable signs of wear after the first use, where clay would be halfway worn and dirty. Will be using this exclusively from now on. Thanks Liquid Glow!

  6. Jim

    Good day, Just wanted to send a note regarding the performance of your quick paint cleaning kit. This morning I ran over a freshly painted white striped road. Didn’t notice it until the paint had set on my car. I used Liquid Glow’s Car Wash with Carnauba Wax, Quick Paint Cleaning System and Sealant Wax and it worked great.

  7. kaifyli

    55555 Stars!

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