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Liquid Glow Interior Cleaner & Protectant


Clean, restore & protect in 1-step.
Works on ALL interior surfaces:

  • Vinyl
  • Plastic
  • Rubber
  • Leather
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Interior Protectant that Cleans and Rejuvenates all Interior Surfaces

Liquid Glow Interior Cleaner & Protectant cleans light soil and dirt while rejuvenating all types of surfaces. Because it’s solvent free it’s safe for leather, plastic, rubber and vinyl. It restores natural color and luster to all interior surfaces. Forget about greasy, slippery surfaces with our interior protectant, it leaves behind a dry, premium satin finish and protects against UV rays while repelling dust and dirt.

All liquid car care products, including interior protectant, need some kind of solvent. It’s the solvent that keeps the product liquid or creamy while you apply it to surfaces. In the case of our interior protectant you can apply it to interior vinyl, plastic and rubber. And, unlike most other interior protectants you can also apply ours to leather safely and with great results. Because there are no petroleum distillates in Liquid Glow Interior Cleaner & Protectant it will not damage leather. Instead, our interior protectant feeds and nourishes vinyl, plastic, rubber, and leather. When it dries it becomes a protective shield guarding those surfaces against the sun, dirt and grime.

Our water based solvent is not only safe for all surfaces; it’s a cleaner as well. You can put our Interior Cleaner & Protectant on a cloth and apply generously to the surface to be cleaned with a soft cloth or applicator and rub away light soil, smudges and dirt. When you’re finished, the surface is cleaner and you’ve already treated it with interior protectant to restore color and luster and lock out dust and dirt and UV rays–all in one step. Save time and money with a single interior protectant product that does the job of two products.

If you think about it, you spend most of your time with your vehicle living in the interior. You take great care of your paint and wheels because you’re proud of your vehicle and you want people to notice how great your vehicle looks. So in a sense, you detail your exterior for yourself and for other people. Interiors are different; you have a great looking interior just for you, that’s where you are when you’re driving your car. Interior protectant (and cleaner in our case) is all about you—pampering yourself a little with a beautiful and protected interior that is as good to look at as your car is to drive.

16 oz (473 ml)


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Weight 19 oz
Dimensions 8.375 × 3.625 × 1.75 in


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