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Easy to use, easy to stock, easy to sell


Liquid Glow car care products, easy to use, easy to stock, easy to sell

Easy to use, designed to produce outstanding results for novice to advanced consumer enthusiasts.

  • Quick Paint Cleaning System produces better results than clay bars and is much easier and faster to use. Rinses clean in water and can last up to 100 uses.
  • Glazing Polish removes swirls and polishes paint to a mirror brilliant smoothness.
  • Sealant Wax contains both synthetic sealant and genuine Carnauba wax for a long lasting, deep, glowing shine.
  • Quick Detailer & Spray Wax is the best cleaning quick detailer spray on the market. And it contains genuine Carnauba wax to leave a deep shine behind.
  • Interior Cleaner & Protectant is five products in one bottle. It cleans light interior dirt and smudges and restores color and luster to rubber, vinyl, plastic AND leather. Dries with no greasy residue to a semi-gloss shine.
  • Wheel Cleaner is consumer safe, won’t harm wheels. Biodegradable non-acid spray on cleaner is tough on grime, not your wheels.
  • Car Wash with Carnauba Soap a half gallon of concentrated pH balanced car soap with genuine Carnauba wax. High suds, biodegradable formula gently cleans paint while leaving a protective layer of Carnauba wax.

Easy to stock, designed for profit

  • Only 7 SKUs to stock the whole line.
  • Unique Quick Paint Cleaning System has no direct competition.
  • The seven products address the largest and best selling segments in the car care products market.
  • Very high margins for W/Ds and jobbers.

Easy to sell, designed to attract traffic and turn

  • High quality product is matched by high quality, “top shelf” packaging.
  • Small line is easy for shoppers to comprehend product usage without confusion.
  • Clear and easy to understand instructions on the exterior of every product.
  • Backed by a nationwide ad campaign in major online magazines and forums.

For more information, pricing and sales policies, contact:

Mark Posner
Director of Business Development
(310) 733-8852


Richard Kratz
(661) 313-1867