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Here at Liquid Glow Performance car care products, the word “Performance” is a huge part of what makes us who we are. We develop products that we believe excel at performing well for our customers. One of our most powerful and high performance products is our revolutionary new Quick Paint Cleaning System. If you have ever had trouble with hard water spots that you just can’t seem to get off, bugs that continue to stick no matter how hard you try to rub them out, or maybe you just can’t seem to get your paint to feel as smooth as it did when you bought your car, the Quick Paint Cleaning System is the answer to your car care needs.

If you’ve ever used a clay bar, the Quick Paint Cleaning System is easier, faster and works much better. The central problem with a clay bar is that it never releases the contaminants that it picks up. The best remedy to this problem is folding it to reveal a new section of clay, but eventually it fills with contaminants and becomes unusable. With our Quick Paint Cleaning bar, rinsing it in water deactivates the surface, and the dirt that it’s been holding is released into the rinsing water. It’s much cheaper in the long run because the Quick Paint Cleaning Bar lasts much longer. In fact, we have yet to wear one out. Not only does it last longer, but the firm foam allows for a much easier grip, and the wide surface creates more contact area with your paint, so it takes less pressure, and less time to completely clean a large area of your paint. The days of sticky, hard to work clay are over, and now is the time to move to an easier cleaning experience that will leave your paint smoother than it felt brand new. The Quick Paint Cleaning System is the cleaning system of the future.