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Liquid Glow Racing Announces Jennifer Caputo-Armstrong as New Driver

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Santa Clarita, CA, 30 June 2017 – Liquid Glow today announced Jennifer Caputo-Armstrong as the new driver of their Liquid Glow Racing / Arrington Powered Dodge Magnum drag car.

“We started our search for a new driver just before Memorial Day,” said Liquid Glow CEO, Richard Kratz. “The response was overwhelming. We had so many women apply who have great resumes and personal stories, but in the end Jen really stood out. She brings so much to the team we just knew it was the perfect fit.”

Jennifer Caputo-Armstrong is a Hollywood Stuntwoman, stunt driver, athlete and former Pro Woman Motocross racer.  During her close to 25-year movie career she has performed and coordinated stunts in over 200 major movies and TV shows in many international locations as well as her home base of Hollywood, California.

Jennifer has been involved with some of the most violent vehicle stunts ever performed by a woman. She is an all-around performer with skills in various areas including cars, motorcycles, gymnastics, fighting, high falls and fire stunts.

In 2017 she was awarded the Artemis Women in Action Lifetime Achievement Award and has been nominated multiple times in various categories for the Taurus World Stunt Awards. Some of her major movie credits include Jason Bourne, The Amazing Spiderman 1 and 2, The Green Hornet, Galaxy Quest, Charlies Angels 1 and 2, Mission Impossible 3, G.I. Joe, Catwoman, Thor, Batman and Robin, From Dusk Till Dawn, Bang Bang, and Masterminds. Her full list of credits can be found at

“Both stunt and race car drivers use their skills to make certain their vehicle is in precisely the right place at the right speed and at the right time,” said Jennifer. “The only difference is the racer ideally ends up still on their wheels and ahead of the other competitors. My background has taught me that being cool, calm, collected and in control is what makes me safe and successful. In action it’s important to be able to think and act fast while still being in full and almost slow motion control of those thoughts and actions.”

“We know that Jen has exceptional car control skills, she has the coordination, reflexes and physical talent behind the wheel that we were looking for,” said Richard. “In addition, Jen has an extraordinary network outside of our world of the automotive aftermarket, mainly the entertainment and mainstream markets. It’s exciting to think about how we’re going to be able to increase awareness of our brand, our marketing partner’s brands, and drag racing itself, into this very desirable market segment.”

Jen will be licensing in the 900+ horsepower, 9.8 second Magnuson supercharged Liquid Glow Dodge Magnum 426 HEMI this summer and the team will resume racing this fall. The goal is to get Ms. Caputo-Armstrong comfortable in the car and get some competition experience to be ready to resume a full schedule in 2018.

“My life has been one of constant change and need for adaptation to my surroundings,” said Jennifer. “I’m counting on this being an asset in the drag racing world. I am a huge supporter of all activities that empower women. This is especially true of women who chose to compete in what would normally be considered a ‘man’s world.’ It was obvious to me, after speaking with Richard and seeing the racing program he has put together, that this view is shared by the Liquid Glow family. This fact made the driving opportunity even more appealing.”

“We are really excited about this,” said Richard. “It’s all about entertainment, movies, television, drag racing. It’s all about entertaining the fans. What could be more entertaining than merging the bright lights of Hollywood and the raw horsepower of drag racing? It’s going to be great for the team, the fans, and our marketing partners.”

“Thank you to Liquid Glow for this fantastic opportunity,” Jennifer added. “I’m very excited to be on this new path of competitive exploration with Richard Kratz and the Liquid Glow family. I look forward to working hard and becoming a positive asset to an already competitive team. I predict a fun exciting time with positive results.”

Liquid Glow Racing is thankful to its marketing partners who make this all possible. Arrington Performance, Magnuson Superchargers,, Diablosport, LAT Oil, Manley Performance, Mickey Thompson Tires, Hedman Hedders, Driveshaft Shop, Westminster Performance Transmission, Mountain View Performance, Weld Racing, AEM Electronics, MAHLE Aftermarket, MAHLE Motorsports, and Big John’s Performance.

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Jennifer Caputo-Armstrong at the 2017 Artemis Women in Action Film Festival
prior to accepting the Lifetime Achievement Award.
Jennifer in mid-stunt for 20th Century Fox’s “Bang Bang” filmed in the desert of the UAE outside Abu Dhabi. Jen is in the airborne BMW.
Jennifer with Academy Award winning actress Emma Stone on the set of “The Amazing Spiderman II” filmed in NYC.
Jen at California’s Perris Raceway riding a Suzuki RM125.
Jen at the 2015 Italian Formula1 GP at Monza in the Works Ferrari Pit.