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We love summer. Car shows, drop top drives, long days and nice nights. But, summer can be hard on your vehicle. A little preventative care and planning can go a long way in helping preserve your car’s condition and value.

In the same way that sunscreen can help preserve your skin, a well maintained wax coat on your car, truck or motorcycle can preserve your paint. And same goes for your interior. The sun’s UV rays are brutal; they attack and can decay paint, rubber, vinyl, plastic and leather. A good wash and wax does more than make your vehicle look great, it nourishes and protects your paint.

Good car waxes or sealants, like our Liquid Glow Sealant Wax, contain UV blocking agents so they literally act like sunscreen for your paint. Our Sealant Wax also contains natural Brazilian #1 grade Carnauba wax. This wax is created by a type of palm tree that secretes Carnauba wax to protect its leaves from the brutal tropical sun.

The same goes for your interior. The sun’s UV rays can dry and damage all of the surfaces inside your vehicle. A good interior protectant, like Liquid Glow’s Interior Cleaner & Protectant, also contains UV blocking agents as well having the ability to replenish and renew your interior surfaces. Quick and easy to use, our Interior Cleaner & Protectant makes it easy to care for your interior; it works on ALL interior surfaces, vinyl, rubber, plastic and leather. It does light cleaning while you use it and it dries non-greasy and leaves a satin sheen and UV protection behind.

Wondering about that cracked windshield photo above? That is a thermal stress crack, caused by cold water on a hot windshield. In summer your car’s surface temperature can reach 140 degrees. That’s why you should always wash and wax your car, truck or motorcycle in the shade or in the evening during twilight, and never in direct sunlight. To be safe, a good rule to follow is this: your paint and glass should be cool enough to comfortably rest the palm of your hand on the surface. If you can, then it’s safe to proceed with washing and waxing.