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If you have ever been detailing your vehicle and found yourself worrying about scratching your paint by rubbing up on the car with your clothes, we have a great solution for you! Our Microfiber Aprons come in both small and large sizes, and are made of extremely thick, plush microfiber material that won’t scratch your paint. No more walking around the garage trying to find your bottle of wax, because our aprons come with sewn on pockets for you to place a bottle of Sealant Wax or Glazing Polish in to make it as convenient as possible to reload your buffing pad. These aprons will also protect your clothes from getting splattered with any excess product, so no more worries about stains! Until September 15th, the small sized Microfiber apron is on sale for only $19.49, so make sure to grab one before they go back to full price!