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05Regularly caring for your car, truck, or motorcycle feels great because you enjoy having your vehicle look its best. But did you know that regular care and detailing can put money in your pocket? The trade-in or sell-it-yourself price you can get for your car when it comes time to sell it is dependent on its condition. Condition is usually rated from poor, to fair, good and then excellent. “Excellent” rated vehicles can worth as much as 50% than “Poor” rated ones. That’s a nice return on the investment you made cleaning, polishing and waxing your ride.

It’s not enough to just detail your car when you go to sell it. While this will help, it rarely will make your vehicle look as good as it would have if you had been keeping a regular car program going while you owned the car. This is because a regular care program prevents cumulative damage from adding up over time. A car or truck that is regularly cared for with products like Liquid Glow’s Quick Paint Cleaning System, Glazing Polish, and Sealant Wax will have well nourished, healthy paint. A maintained wax coat on the vehicle will provide a shield against¬†harmful particles and chemicals that assault our vehicle every day. A well maintained vehicle is like an athlete who follows a healthy nutrition and exercise program, as opposed to someone who binges on healthy and unhealthy habits.

Regularly detailing your car makes the paint, wheels, and interior actually improve with age. The paint becomes smoother than it was from the factory, the chrome becomes more mirror-like, the leather more supple. And it’s not hard to do this. If your vehicle is kept in a garage at night you really only need a full detail twice a year, early spring and late fall. If your vehicle lives outside all of the time, three or four times a year is best, especially considering that a 24/7 “outdoor” lifestyle can do the most damage to untreated vehicles. In addition to a few times a year of a full detail, touching up your wax coat after a wash with an easy to use spray on product like Liquid Glow Quick Detailer & Spray Wax can ensure that your protective shield is maintained at all times.

The photo in this blog is of my 2003 Ford Mustang convertible. As you can see, it had a “Lazer Red” paint job and factory chrome wheels that were lovingly maintained throughout it’s lifetime. When it came time to sell this car, high bluebook was about $22,000. That’s for “Excellent” condition. But this car showed so well–it literally looked better than new–that I was able to sell the car for $10,000 over bluebook. Yes, I sold it for $32,000, that’s the financial power of a good car care program.