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Jake N_1

“Before the winter last year I waxed two of my cars using two different brands of products. One of the waxes was a competitor’s product and the other was Liquid Glow Sealant Wax. They were both driven equally over the harsh winter, and when spring came the difference was unmistakable. When I began my first wash of the year it was clear that the water beaded significantly less on the car that had the other brand’s product, while the Liquid Glow products still had plenty of water beading. The Sealant Wax lasted much longer, was more durable and stayed on the paint much better than the other brand product. Liquid Glow is very high quality and produced shine and depth months after the wax was applied.

The Quick Paint Cleaning bar glides easier than a traditional clay bar and it takes the dirt particles off easier so I don’t have to press as hard. I can really feel it lifting the contaminants out the paint, and the difference is instantaneous. Liquid Glow products makes my car look like a different car after I’m done detailing. The silver paint looked flat before, but now it’s radiant and metallic.”

--Jake, from Detroit MI

Wes Valiant IMG_4140_edit

“I use Liquid Glow Quick Detailer on my race car at the track all the time. No other products I've tried get the dirt, dust, and tire residue off the paint. Not only does it clean the paint but it leaves it smooth and shiny, especially if it was treated with Liquid Glow's Glazing Polish and Sealant Wax. It doesn't streak and it's easy to wipe on and off. I love making my car look good between rounds, and I wouldn't go to any other company than Liquid Glow for that.

--Wes, from Modesto, CA