About Us

Liquid Glow® performance car care products was founded in 2013 after several years of research and development. Liquid Glow is a simple, easy to use line of high quality car care products for both the casual and hard-core enthusiast. Our Quick Detailer & Spray Wax was the first of our line, and we designed it to be better than off-the-shelf products at removing dust, grease and fingerprints, while leaving the paint clean and shiny with genuine Carnauba Wax. Our Glazing Polish has characteristics of both a glaze that fills in swirl marks and a polish that restores paint to a smooth finish. Our Sealant Wax has the best of both worlds, combining the durable characteristics of a synthetic sealant with the depth and shine of genuine Carnauba wax. Our Wheel Cleaner is safe for all wheel types and its non-acidic formula is designed to cut brake dust and wheel grime to leave behind a sparkling finish. Our car shampoo is pH balanced and is safe for all paints and clear coats to remove dirt, dust and road grime.

In 2014, we introduced our revolutionary product, the Quick Paint Cleaning System. This product was designed to battle the toughest of car detailing needs. The Quick Paint Cleaning Bar in combination with the Quick Detailer spray excel at cleaning, polishing and shining better than any other cleaning product on the market. Clay bars are a thing of the past at Liquid Glow car care products—our Quick Paint Cleaning System works better, faster, and is easier to use. Designed for both quick touch ups or cleaning your entire exterior, the Quick Paint Cleaning System is designed for you.

Richard Kratz

Liquid Glow's founder, Richard started riding motorcycles and driving work trucks at age 13 on the ranches where he spent time during his teenage years. By 16, Richard was racing dirt circle track cars. Soon he started road racing sports cars. He raced Land Speed motorcycles at El Mirage and Bonneville Salt Flats, breaking a 750cc World Record. Richard began detailing cars in the neighborhood when he was 16.

Richard's first career was as a licensed aircraft mechanic. He started studying engineering and programming before switching his major to business. Richard started detailing cars in the 1970's and worked professionally to earn money while putting himself through college. His passion for fast cars, bikes and wrenching was matched by his passion to make sure his vehicles always looked as good as they ran.

Being so passionate about both performance and detailing, Richard started Liquid Glow and developed a line of polishes and waxes that served both race cars and show cars alike. In addition to being CEO and President for Liquid Glow, Richard is Editor-Publisher of MoparMax magazine and crew chief on the Liquid Glow drag race team.

The Car Girl

Who is "The Car Girl?" Rumors say she's from Europe. Or maybe Asia. Or maybe even the USA. Little is known about this amazing car care products genius. Rumors say that The Car Girl was raised in a chemical laboratory and that she has an IQ so high it can't be measured. They say The Car Girl is a natural born race car driver and a 12th degree black belt. They say that she amassed a huge fortune by secretly helping automotive aftermarket companies develop ever better oils, lubricants and vehicle paint. There are stories where she slips into deserving company's laboratories in the dead of night and leaves notes with chemical formulas on engineer's work desks--and the formulas help elevate products to new heights. We can confirm that this last rumor is true--all of Liquid Glow's chemical formulas were developed due to notes left overnight in our labs. All of the notes, which contained the amazing formulas you know as Liquid Glow, were signed, "The Car Girl."

They say that Liquid Glow Performance Car Care Products knows The Car Girl's secret identity and maybe even the location of her secret lair. We say, "No comment," to this. Eyewitnesses have seen her in Liquid Glow's booth at car shows and races. Some say she has blue eyes, some say they're green. Some say she's short, others say she's tall. These same witnesses have seen her representing Liquid Glow at multiple shows across the United States at the same time! How can this be? Inside sources say that in 2018 The Car Girl will be seen at car shows and race tracks across the country, again sometimes in multiple places at the same time. Maybe you'll be able to spot her too, in the usual places where beautiful and fast cars hang out.