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Quick Paint Cleaning System

  • 3x FASTER than clay bars
  • EASIER to use
  • Smoother paint, BETTER
    than clay
  • Lasts longer, more ECONOMICAL than clay

Easy enough for even the most inexperienced detailing novice, effective enough for the most demanding advanced enthusiast. Cleaning surface rinses clean in water, no folding. Can be used between 50 – 100 times.

Includes Quick Cleaning Bar, Quick Detailer & Spray Wax, and a quality microfiber cloth.

Liquid Glow’s Quick Paint Cleaning System is a unique, easy-to-use system that effortlessly cleans paint, glass and chrome. Easily removes dull oxidized paint, water spots, tree sap, bugs and other contaminants with very little effort leaving behind perfectly clean, perfectly smooth paint.

  • All of Liquid Glow’s chemicals, bottles and packaging are Made in the USA.
  • Only 7 SKUs to stock the whole line.
  • The seven products address the largest and best selling segments in the car care products market.
  • Very high margins for W/Ds and jobbers.

Join the Liquid Glow team today and add to your bottom line with a top shelf product line.
See us at the CAN Connect Conference, September 10-13, Anaheim, California

Samples available for qualified buyers.

For more information, pricing and sales policies, contact:

Richard Kratz
Phone: (661) 313-1867