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Inside & Out Total Care Kit

Complete exterior & interior detailing kit.
Includes four products:

Complete Exterior Car Care Kit

Complete exterior detailing kit.
Contains three products:

Liquid Glow Interior Cleaner & Protectant

Clean, restore & protect in 1-step.
Works on ALL interior surfaces:

  • Vinyl
  • Plastic
  • Rubber
  • Leather

Quick Detailer & Spray Wax

  • The fastest and easiest way to clean paint while waxing it too.
  • Contains genuine Carnauba wax for a deep, warm shine.
  • Works even in direct sunlight without streaking or hazing!
  • Safe for all exterior surfaces including vinyl wraps and graphics.

Liquid Glow Glazing Polish

  • Polishes to a brilliant shine.
  • Removes swirl marks.
  • Apply by hand or random orbit polisher.

Quick Paint Cleaning System

  • 3x FASTER than clay bars
  • Much EASIER to use
  • Smoother paint, BETTER than clay bars
  • Lasts longer, more ECONOMICAL than clay bars



“Before winter I waxed two of my cars using two different brands of products. One of the waxes was a competitor’s product and the other was Liquid Glow Sealant Wax. They were both driven equally over the harsh winter, and when spring came the difference was unmistakable. When I began my first wash of the year it was clear that the water beaded significantly less on the car that had the other brand’s product, while the Liquid Glow products still had plenty of water beading. The Sealant Wax lasted much longer, was more durable and stayed on the paint much better than the other brand product. Liquid Glow is very high quality and produced shine and depth months after the wax was applied.

The Quick Paint Cleaning bar glides easier than a traditional clay bar and it takes the dirt particles off easier so I don’t have to press as hard. I can really feel it lifting the contaminants out the paint, and the difference is instantaneous. Liquid Glow products makes my car look like a different car after I’m done detailing. The silver paint looked flat before, but now it’s radiant and metallic.”

--Jake, from Detroit MI

“Liquid Glow's Quick Paint Cleaning System has changed detailing forever, in my opinion the greatest innovation in detailing since the invention of clay. I used the kit on my Lexus IS and the paint turned into a mirror like finish that rivals the brand new cars at the dealership I work at! It’s amazingly easy to use and shows no noticeable signs of wear after the first use, where clay would be halfway worn and dirty. Will be using this exclusively from now on. Thanks Liquid Glow!”

--Nick, from Southern California

“I’m kind of annoyed that I bought a Porter-Cable 7424 Orbital machine, and a whole array of waxes, sealants, etc, ...and I really don’t need any of that stuff. My car is a 2014 black Mercedes-Benz SL550...after using your product, it looks amazing.”

--Richard L., from Nashville, TN.

Why Liquid Glow?


Liquid Glow® performance car care products produce results that make cars look great while being easy to use. Our products use only the finest ingredients, including genuine #1 Brazilian carnauba wax and the finest synthetic polymers. From rarely driven show cars to daily drivers, Liquid Glow delivers an easy-to-use line of products that will make any car glow with a deep radiance.

Liquid Glow began with a passion for auto detailing and drag racing. Products were developed that were fast and easy to use and worked great even on the tough challenges faced by racers at the track. We developed a high quality line of polish, wax, quick detailer, wheel cleaner and car shampoo that are all made in the USA. But we didn’t stop at chemicals. We have developed a revolutionary new product, the Quick Paint Cleaning System, to battle the toughest of car detailing needs. This new system cleans, polishes and waxes better, faster and easier than any other cleaning product on the market. Clay bars are a thing of the past at Liquid Glow car care products—our Quick Paint Cleaning System is so good and easy to use, clay bars are now obsolete.